welcome to Progressive Tattoo

Though Rustin always knew he had artistic ability since he was a child, it wasn’t until he was “discovered” while living in Hawaii that his journey as a Tattoo Artist began.

History of Progressive Tattoo

Starting with drawing animations as a child, he taught himself to include all the details and nuances, and the animations progressed into cartoon caricatures.

As life moved forward, it was while working nights at a bar and attending school full time, that someone noticed his artistic ability and offered to mentor him as a Tattoo Artist. Rustin immersed himself into the art of Tattooing and took the opportunity to practice (on himself)...and learn everything he could to broaden his innate artistic talents.

After a lengthy apprenticeship, and working 24/7, Rustin picked up and moved from Hawaii to New York to be closer to family.
He acquired 6 years of even more experience working for other Tattoo artists, and it became clear that it was time to progress his vision of Tattooing to his own Studio.

It is no coincidence that “Progressive Tattoo” opened in Lindenhurst in 2007...named to honor Rustin’s goal of “progressing” and always moving forward.

Rustin is an extremely customer focused business owner who is able to adapt his style to whatever it is his clients vision is. He is a chameleon who can create anything from realism to surrealism. Whether it be a black and grey portrait to new school bright color art, animations, or Neo traditional art, he can create it.

As the journey continues, it is 2018, and Williamsburg is the perfect Progressive location for this next venture; 808 Brooklyn Tattoo. Here he hopes to continue to enhance and broaden his artistic boundaries in an energizing environment that inspires further growth….and…. progression.